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About the Artist

Labyrinth of Infinite Doorways is a body of work consisting of several large scale paintings between 6x4 feet and 5x4 feet, as well as several small to medium sized paintings. The purpose of these large scale paintings is to elicit in the viewer a sense that the paintings themselves are doorways. My intention is to create the experience of a space filled with portals into other times and dimensions that invite the mind to enter


The concepts in my work revolve around distant futures, and the evolution of life and metaphysics. Subtle suggestions of duality are persistent themes, as I feel that one side of the spectrum cannot exist without the other. No matter how much we strive for perfection, it cannot exist without chaos. One will always give birth to the other. The experience of freedom cannot exist without the experience of suffering, and creation cannot exist without the restructuring of physics. I think that consciousness has everything to do with this, and that we are affecting the very nature of reality simply by contemplating these issues. As time progresses, I envision life emerging from more and more facets of the universe, until the cosmos itself has been transformed beyond anything recognizable today. My paintings represent my own ideas of what possibilities will arise out of this primordium, from plants that become more like animals, animals that become more like plants, galaxies that transform into massive biospheres, and intricate gateway systems that begin to intersect all of the realities of space, time, and mind.

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